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Who we are was established to provide Natural Gemstones and Jewelry at an affordable price.


All of our gemstones are natural. It means they were formed from mother nature. We always specify when our gemstones are treated afterwards such as with heat.

On Demand and Popular

We focus on selected varieties of precious and semi-precious gems which are popular in the jewelry industry and amongst consumers; some of which are ideal for future investments.


Our higher priced gemstones will be certified by either one of these world renowned labs: The International Gemological Institute (IGI) or The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The rest will be evaluated by us.

Custom Made Jewelry

Most of our jewelry are custom made. This means we mount the gemstone on the ring once you have ordered it. So please give us 6-10 days processing time before we ship the product.


Natural gemstones that are on demand can be very expensive; but our selection includes a range of lower to higher valued gemstones and jewelry to fulfill your budget.

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Once we finish processing your order, we will ship it immediately by speed post so you can rest assured that it is in good hands.

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Our items are available for bidding. If you think the price is still not affordable, join the auction and you might get the product for an even lower price.

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We want to be your personal source of natural gemstones and jewelry.

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Natural Gems

We provide you with a wide range of natural gemstones and jewelry.

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IGI Certified Natural 2.89 ct Ceylon Zircon , Natural Gemstone -, - 1 IGI Certified Natural 2.89 ct Ceylon Zircon , Natural Gemstone -, - 2
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Pearl Jewelry

Top View

925 Sterling Silver Natural Freshwater Pearl Ring
8-9 mm Natural Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver Natural Pearl Bracelet

Men's Jewelry


14kt Yellow Gold 0.37ct Natural Emerald and Diamond Wedding Ring for Men
14k Yellow Gold Natural Emerald Men's Ring

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All of our gemstones are formed from mother nature. Whenever treatment is used afterwards, we specify it in the description of the product.
Natural gemstones come from the purest source--mother nature. They are created naturally over a long period of time without the aid of humans. They are found within the earth, along riverbeds, lining rocky cliffs and at other locations. Since they were naturally formed, unique "inclusions" within the gemstone may be observed. Some may be later treated to enhance clarity and color. Synthetic gemstones have all the visual, chemical and physical properties of their natural counterparts, but they are created in a laboratory via a quick process. Synthetic gemstones usually appear flawless without unique "inclusions". Since they can usually be produced in large quantities in the lab, their value is significantly lower than Natural gems. Not having the same chemical properties of natural gems, imitations are made of glass, plastic, ceramic or other materials, but they are created to resemble natural stones. One of the most well-known imitations is cubic zirconia, which has been widely used and commercialized alongside diamonds for over three decades.
There are several factors that can cause the price of Natural Gems to fluctuate. The following are some of them: 1. Gem variety 2. Color 3. Clarity 4. Carat weight 5. Cut & Shapes 6. Treatment 7. Origin 8. Supply v.s Demand Click the arrow in this slideshow for further explanation on how these factor may affect the value of a Natural Gem.