Natural (H.K stock)

 All of our H.K Stock gemstones are natural. It means they were formed from mother nature. We always specify when our gemstones are treated afterwards such as with heat.

On Demand and Popular

 We focus on selected varieties of precious and semi-precious gems which are popular in the jewelry industry and amongst consumers; some of which are ideal for future investments.

Custom Made Jewelry

 Most of our jewelry are custom made This means we mount the gemstone on the ring once you have ordered it. So please give us 6-10 days processing time before we ship the product.


 Natural gemstones that are on demand can be very expensive; but our selection includes a range of lower to higher valued gemstones and jewelry to fulfill your budget.

Speed Post

 Once we finish processing your order, we will ship it immediately by speed post so you can rest assured that it is in good hands.

Free Shipping

 Don't worry about the shipping fee. We offer Free Shipping worldwide on all of our orders.