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Get IGI Certificate for Natural Gemstones

Natural Gemstones that are sold for US$300 or more at will be certified by world renowned gemological labs; the "Gemological Institute of America" (GIA) or the "International Gemological Instituite" (IGI). The certificate will be sent to you along with the gemstone at no extra cost.

However,  gemstones that are sold for a lower price in our store will not come along with a certificate unless specified. If you still wish to get them , we can certify them for you by sending it to the International Gemological Institute, Hong Kong Branch.

Please specify the type of gemstone you ordered from us and its carat weight in the drop-down boxes above to find the price of certification. Please contact us first if you are unsure about these information.   

*Please note that due to IGI's demand in providing high quality and accurate gemological reports,  it takes approximately 3 weeks to get a gemstone certified.

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