IGI Certified 1.01ct Natural Ceylon Untreated Padparadscha Orange Sapphire

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Discover The Secrets Of Nature! Why do you settle for less when you can get more? If we could show you a way to get rid of buying all those unnatural...

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Discover The Secrets Of Nature! Why do you settle for less when you can get more? If we could show you a way to get rid of buying all those unnatural gemstone jewelry, would you be interested? Well, you have come to the right place. 

The product you are looking at is a Natural Padparadscha Orange Sapphire. The color "Padparadscha" is also known as the "King" of Sapphires.

 Are you ever embarrassed when you wear a jewelry and your friends ask you "What is that gemstone?". When you buy this Sapphire and set it on a jewelry, you can now tell your friends that it is an untreated Padparadscha from Sri-lanka (Ceylon). Sri-lanka is well-known for producing some of the best quality sapphires in the world.  

I know what you are thinking - what is the weight and size of this gemstone? The weight is 1.01 carat and the dimension is 7.04 x 5.51 x 3.01 mm. You might think, isn't that way too small? Trust us, once you set it as a ring or a pendant, it will look beautiful. Plus it comes with a certificate from the International Gemological Instituite (IGI)

If this is the kind of gemstone you'd like to get your hands on...now you can.

You owe it to yourself, get this  and see the wonderful beauty it can bring to your life. 

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